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Westley, the handsome cat

Westley the cat portrait done in watercolor colored pencil

In addition to graphic design and other commercial work I also love to draw. And because I have so much love for nature and animals they're a natural fit as subject matter.

I've been experimenting with media in recent years and decided to try out a new media on this portrait of Westley the cat. He was rendered using watercolor colored pencils. They work just like colored pencils but have one fabulous difference...if a damp or web paint brush is touched to the sketch the paint can be pulled from it into a wash, or to add density to the color, etc. It was great fun! It added great depth to the blacks plus it enabled me to add softness to his fur by using a dry brush technique.

This portrait of Westley was done for a friend of mine, Evelyn, who gave it to her fiancé as a birthday gift. Evelyn did such a great job of choosing a frame for Westley! Check out the photo below to see her cool frame and Westley admiring himself in his portrait.

I'm such a handsome boy aren't I?

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