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AAF Silver Medal Award

Saturday, February 23rd, 2019 was the annual AAF-Dayton Hermes/ADDYs awards event. The Hermes Awards is always a blast however, this year was beyond amazing. In addition to winning a bronze ADDY for the work I had done for The Famous Restaurant I was awarded the American Advertising Federation's Silver Medal Award. I am so honored to have received it! The AAF Silver Medal Award is a lifetime achievement award that is given to one individual each year. Nominations are submitted for the award by members of AAF-Dayton and a committee of peers review the nominations and choose the individual the feel best meets the criteria for the award.

The criteria for the award includes:

Contributions to His/Her Company – The recipient must have achieved success in one of the following areas of work: advertising agency, advertiser, media or advertising service. Creative Ability – The recipient must have shown a consistent, high degree of original thinking in their field. Contributions to the General Advancement of Advertising – The recipient must have worked to increase the stature and raise the standards of the advertising profession. Contributions to the Community – The recipient should be someone who has been active in civic, religious, or other groups dedicated to human or social welfare.

Receiving the American Advertising Federation Silver Medal Award
AAF-Dayton 2019 Silver Medal Award - Julie Noeth, photography

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