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I’m Roxann Patrick, Creative Director, Designer and owner of Little Dirty Birdy Feet. I’d like to share a few things about myself, how I work and what we can accomplish together.


After 30+ years as a graphic designer, I’ve learned that: 


Creativity and passion for art and design are enduring. 


It’s hugely gratifying to collaborate with my customers and create solutions that meet their goals. 


Awards are great and validating, but they’re just icing. The real rewards come from developing marketing campaigns that work. 


I love the psychology behind effective graphic design and marketing just as much as the creativity. 


And finally, I’ve learned that I love to keep learning — diving into my customers’ businesses and understanding what they do and how they do it is profoundly fascinating to me.


My career path has taken me on a number of fascinating assignments including: 


Shooting photos from the top of a power plant smoke stack


Art directing photography at a Mexican glass manufacturing facility

Working on logo designs for a Dunkin’ Donuts global rebrand


Developing a brand for a Hungarian web/mobile device application


Designing a website to promote Ohio wine growers (yes, Ohio has wineries that rival California’s!)


These and many other rich and diverse experiences have expanded my skillset, eye for design and openness to every new client adventure.


I was the founder and owner of a graphic design and brand consultancy firm for 20 years. At my former firm, Designed Solutions Group, my staff and I worked with major corporations and government agencies across the US, which included:


Procter & Gamble Company

GE Money

Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC)




JP Morgan Chase

U.S. Department of Education 

Ohio Department of Agriculture … and many more


I’ve since simplified my business and life, and now I collaborate with other independent professionals on an as-needed basis. It’s a streamlined approach that’s designed to benefit you, too: I’m able to customize the capabilities and project roles needed for your project while cutting down on overhead and costs.


Well, enough about me...I'd love to learn about you! Shoot me an email at and let's get started on uncaging your ideas!

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