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Is Northern Pike good to eat?

My husband and his catch!

My husband, Craig, and I own a rustic, little cabin on a lake in Minnesota. It's a log cabin that the original owner, George Naramore, hand built on the shores of Lake Plantagent. It's a modest cabin but we love the northern life and cherish our time up there.

We both love to fish and Craig has honed the fine art of filleting a Northern Pike. Pike have a series of bones along their spine that fisherman refer to as "Y bones". This is for obvious reasons...the bones are literally shaped like the letter Y. If they're not removed correctly the cooked fish will be full of little bones. If cleaned correctly, Pike is excellent to eat any number of ways. We've fried it, pickled it and broiled it. A little tip for frying exceptional fish is to use the fish breading from Marion Kay Spices in Brownstown, Indiana. They have a website and you can order the breading online.

In addition to being good to eat, Pike are a LOT of fun to catch; they're as ornery as they look in the photo, diving under the boat and leaping in the air once they've been hooked, and they have a mouthful of intimidating teeth to gnash at you once you have them in the net.

Pike can get very large and truthfully, the larger the fish the less tasty it'll be. The fish Craig is holding above was released back into the lake once he finished posing for pictures.

A breathtaking sunset on Lake Plantagenet.

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