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3D art is a blast!

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

The vast majority of my experience with art has been with painting and drawing 2 dimensional, flat art. I recently began classes in pottery and it's so much fun to create art that has dimension!

There are many elements to learn about the process of creating pottery. My focus has been on what is called "slab" pottery vs. the alternative of working at a pottery wheel. There's a steep learning curve required to develop the technique, "feel" and skills needed to throw a good- looking pot! steps, I'll tackle the wheel once I get a better handle on the basics of working with clay.

I also learned that working with clay is a multi-step process. The first step is to sculpt the piece, the second step is drying the piece after sculpting is complete (and this can take a loooonggg time!), the third step is firing the piece (the piece is called bisque ware after this first firing), the fourth step is glazing the piece and the final step is the last firing. Our instructor, Adriana, has warned us not to get attached to a piece as it can blow up at any stage in this process. I've found this is the most difficult thing to learn about working with clay.

The piece above is a bowl I've sculpted that was inspired by the beauty of gingko leaves. Two large gingko leaves comprise the main bowl with smaller gingko leaves and berries on top. This piece is still in step's almost done drying and should be ready for its first firing soon. What you see in the photo is the raw clay. I'll post new photos as it moves along in the process (assuming it doesn't blow up at some point...fingers are crossed).

Adriana is a patient and talented guide to learning all the nuances of this craft. If you're interested in learning pottery as well, check out her classes at Middletown Art Center.

Gingko leaf pottery bowl
Completed ginkgo leaf pottery piece. It measures about 11" x 10"

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